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Jul, 2015
Shoaib Ather, Regional Sales Manager, ME

New Employee Announcement
We are pleased to announce that Shoaib Ather has joined Richards Industries as the Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East effective July 1st, 2015. As the Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East, Shoaib will be responsible for the development and execution of product sales that achieve year over year sales growth through effective sales channels. He will work closely with our distributors and representatives in developing and capturing new business and new customer opportunities. Soon, Shoaib will be visiting our current representatives in his territory to maintain and support existing accounts while developing effective sales and marketing plans to achieve new sales opportunities.  Shoaib will report to Brian Rice, Regional Sales Manger, Europe.

Shoaib started his career in process instrumentation and valve application as a sales professional more than twenty years ago. Over the years, he has gained extensive knowledge about the industrial valve market. He also has experience in market analysis and contract negotiations.

Shoaib has a Masters of Science and a Masters of Business Administration.

You can reach Shoaib at:
Richards Industries
Office #465 Building E, P.O. Box 644296
Business park Dubai World Central
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971-4-887-9644+971-4-887-9644
Fax: +971-4-887-9798
Mobile: +971-56-499-5377+971-56-499-5377

Nov, 2014
Jordan Valve Channel on YouTube

Jordan Valve now has a channel on YouTube! Our channel features a Product of the Month, along with Overview of Products, How To Videos - including how to repair, install an maintain our valves, and TroubleShooting videos.

Please be sure to subscribe to our chanel so that you may receive notification of new content on the channel. It is easy to do - just click on the subscribe button. You can also subscribe to our other product lines - Steriflow Valve, LowFlow Valve, Marwin Valve, and Hex Valve; along with our parent company - Richards Industries.

If you should have any suggestions for other videos, please contact us.

Sep, 2014
Jordan Valve Introduces the Jordan Control Valve Series

Jordan Valve is proud to announce the introduction of the Jordan Control Valve Series. We are excited about the new additions to our Jordan Valve product portfolio, as the JCVS greatly enhances our industrial control valve offering. We now offer globe style control valves to 24" in a variety of materials, pressures to ANSI 2500, noise mitigation and anti-cavitation trims. Additionally, we have a rotary V-ball available in 2" - 12", actuators, positioners and other accessories.

Nov, 2014
Jordan Valve Announces the Addition of 2 New Pressure Regulating Valves

Cincinnati - Jordan Valve is proud to announce the addition of two new valves to our line - the Mark 5108 back pressure regulating/sustaining valve and the Mark 6127 pressure reducing valve. These valves are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated for multi-function control of non-corrosive, non-abrasive fluids. Available in globe or angle configuration, these piloted valves operate off line pressure or, if desired, from an independent power source. These specialty products add additional product breadth to our Jordan Valve offering.

The Mark 5108 Series - in many liquid piping systems, it is vital that line pressure be maintained within relatively narrow limits. The Mark 5108 is designed to do just that. The Mark 5108 can act as a back pressure /  sustaining valve, bypass pressure control valve or a surge / relief valve.

The Mark 6127 Series - the primary function of the Mark 6127 is to reduce a greater upstream pressure to a lesser, more manageable downstream pressure, operating without regard to either upstream supply or downstream demand.

To learn more about the Mark 5108 and Mark 6127, please contact your local representative or distributor.

Oct, 2014
Jordan Valve Introduces the Mark 75HW Series

Cincinnati - The Mark 75HW is a manually operated, sliding gate control valve. The wafer style body provides great value for the end user while offering all of the benefits of the sliding gate seat. The hand wheel operator allows the user to manually position the valve for optimum flow and lock in place. The valve is available in 1", 1-1/2" and 2" sizes.

The Mark 75HW offers an incredible pricing advantage in the market place due to its wafer style body. A 2" Mark 75HW valve is only 1.76" (44,7mm) face-to-face comparison to a 2" Class 150 globe style control valve with a face-to-face of 10" (254mm). What does this mean to you? You pay for less metal to make the valve. In the case above, 8.24" (209,3mm) of metal! The actual material is only part of the savings. You pay less for machining time; even shipping costs are reduced due to the lighter weight.

The Mark 75HW features a 'T' slot design connection to the disc. This connection allows for quick and easy reversing of functions. Instead of having to go into the actuator to change action, all that is needed in a Mark 75HW is to turn the seats 180°. With this simple rotation, the valve can go from reverse acting to direct acting (or vice versa).

The stroke length of the Mark 75HW is a slightly longer stroke than standard sliding gate valves. This longer stroke enables better turndown. Combined with the capacity of the Mark 75HW, the increased turndown makes for a great control valve.

To learn more about the Mark 75HW, contact your local representative or distributor.